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Famcl tablet 750mg (shingles)

Famcl tablet 750mg (shingles)

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1) Efficacy, effect

Herpes zoster virus infection

2) Usage, dosage

1. Treatment of shingles infection
Adults: 750 mg orally as famciclovir once a day for 7 days. Take at the same time every day. Post-infection symptoms
It is advisable to start treatment as soon as it appears.
2. Patients with renal impairment: In patients with renal impairment, the creatinine clearance rate of this drug is reduced, so care must be taken in dose control.

The usage and dosage for these are as follows.
1) Treatment of shingles infection
Creatinine clearance rate (mL/min/1.73㎡) capacity
30~59, 250mg once, twice a day, 10~29, 250mg once, once a day2)

If only serum creatinine is known, the creatinine clearance rate can be calculated using the following formula.
Male: {Weight (kg) × (140-age)}/{72 × Serum Creatinine (mg/dL)} Female
:0.85×value obtained for man
3) Patients with renal impairment who undergo hemodialysis: Hemodialysis patients should do it every 48 hours, considering the dialysis interval.
It's ruined. Hemodialysis for 4 hours reduces the plasma concentration of this drug by about so, so the entire drug should be administered immediately after dialysis.
Administer the amount.
3. Patients with hepatic impairment: No separate dose adjustment is necessary for patients with chronic compensated liver disease. Obvious chronic decompensated liver disease.
Because there is not sufficient treatment experience for patients with the disease, a clear recommended dose has not been established.

3) Packaging unit

PTP) 7 tablets/PTP ((7 tablets/PTP*1))

4) Ingredients, content

Famciclovir 750 mg

5) Period of use

36 months from date of manufacture

6) Storage method

Airtight container, dry place ( stored below 30°C)

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