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Jeil Mineral 5 Ingredients (Comprehensive Vitamin Injection)

Jeil Mineral 5 Ingredients (Comprehensive Vitamin Injection)

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1) Efficacy, effect

Supplementation of trace elements (zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, chromium) during intravenous nutrition.

2) Usage, dosage

Use according to the doctor's prescription, but check the amount of trace elements in plasma and use it as a guideline for dose adjustment.
- Allowable dosage range (for intravenous injection):

  zinc copper manganese chrome Selenium
Patients receiving metabolically stable parenteral nutrition fluids 2.5 to 4 mg per day 0.5 to 1.5 mg per day 0.15 to 0.8 mg per day 10 to 15 μg per day 20 to 40 μg per day
pediatric patients -Under 5 years of age: 100μg per kg of body weight per day 20μg per kg of body weight per day 2 to 10 μg per kg of body weight per day 0.14∼0.20μg per kg of body weight per day 3μg per kg of body weight per day
etc -Patients with metabolically stable small intestinal fluid loss: an additional 12.2 mg/L (small intestine fluid loss) or 17.1 mg/kg (defecation volume)     Metabolically stable patients with small intestinal fluid loss: 20㎍ per day Deficiency due to long-term parenteral nutrition administration: 100㎍ per day can be used for 24 to 31 days.
-Patients in acute inflammatory state: 4.5 to 6 mg per day

3) Packaging unit

10mL × 10 vials

4) Ingredients, content

Chromic Chloride Chromium chloride 20.5 μg/mL (4 μg/mL as chromium) Copper sulfate 1.57 mg/mL (0.4 mg/mL as copper) Manganese sulfate hydrate 0.308 mg/mL (0.1 mg/mL as manganese) mL) Selenic acid 32.7 μg/mL (20 μg/mL as selenium) Zinc sulfate hydrate 4.39 mg/mL (1 mg/mL as zinc)

5) Period of use

24 months from date of manufacture

6) Storage method

Sealed container. Store at 15-30°C

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