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Itanox tablets (skin disease)

Itanox tablets (skin disease)

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1) Efficacy, effect

1. Candida vaginitis 2. Tinnitus
3. Tinea corporis, tinea pedis (jock itch), tinea pedis, tinea pedis caused by dermatophytes
4. Oral candidiasis
5. Fungal keratitis

6. Hand and toenail mycosis
7. Systemic fungal infections such as: aspergillosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis (including cryptococcal meningitis), leukemia

2) Usage, dosage

1. Short-term administration This drug has a continuous therapeutic effect on skin tissue even after discontinuation of administration. Therefore, it is desirable to determine the final clinical and mycological therapeutic effect 2 to 4 weeks after completing the prescribed treatment. 1) Candida vaginitis: As itraconazole, administer 200 mg twice a day (morning and evening) for 1 day, or administer 200 mg once a day for 3 days. 2) Tinnitus: Administer 200 mg once a day for 7 days. 3) Tinea corporis, tinea capitis (jock itch): Administer 100 mg once a day for 15 days. 4) Tinea pedis (interval type), tinea pedis (interval type): Administer 100 mg once a day for 15 days. 5) Tinea pedis (palms), tinea pedis (soles): Administer 100 mg once a day for 30 days or 200 mg twice a day for 7 days. 6) Oral candidiasis: Administer 100 mg once a day for 15 days. 7) Fungal keratitis: Administer 200 mg once a day for 21 days. 2. Hand and toenail mycosis 1) Cycle therapy: Administer 200mg twice a day for 1 week, then take 3 weeks off as 1 cycle. If only the nails are infected, up to 2 cycles, if the toenails are infected, 3 cycles. Administer until cycle. Hand/toenail mycosis area 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks 9 weeks Toenails (if accompanied or not accompanied by nail infection) Dosage break Dosage break Dosage Nail medication Dosage break or 2) Continuous therapy 1 Administer 200mg once a day for 3 months. Even after administration, the treatment effect continues for 3 months for fingernails and 6 months for toenails. 3. For patients with weakened immune function, such as those with neutropenia due to systemic fungal infection, AIDS, or organ transplant patients, the oral bioavailability of this drug may be reduced, so if necessary, double the dose. Indications Dosage Average treatment period Remarks Aspergillosis 200mg once a day for 2 to 5 months In case of invasive or disseminated disease, 200mg once a day Candidiasis 100 to 200mg1 Increase to twice a day once a day for 3 weeks to 7 months Cryptococcus Meningitis 200mg twice a day for 2 months to 1 year Maintenance therapy: 200mg once a day Paracoccidioidomyosis 100mg once a day for 6 months

3) Packaging unit

30 tablets/bottle

4) Ingredients, content

Itraconazole solid dispersion 253 mg

5) Period of use

36 months from date of manufacture

6) Storage method

Airtight container, room temperature (1-30°C)

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