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Yuvax B Injection (immune injection)

Yuvax B Injection (immune injection)

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1) Efficacy, effect

Prevention of hepatitis B

2) Usage, dosage

Adults usually inject 1.0ml (20ug) intramuscularly once , and newborns and infants and children inject 0.5ml (10ug) intramuscularly once.


Basic immunization: 1st vaccination: Vaccination start date

2nd vaccination: 1 month after 1st vaccination 3rd vaccination :

6 months after 1st vaccination

However, in cases where the risk of exposure to infection is high or in unavoidable cases where the basic immunization schedule cannot be followed, it must be done as soon as possible.

If reverse acquisition is necessary, inject intramuscularly three times at one-month intervals.

3) Packaging unit

10 vials/box (vials (0.5mL))

4 ) Ingredients, content

Purified hepatitis B surface antigen protein Purified hepatitis B surface antigen protein 20μg

5) Period of use

36 months from date of manufacture

6) Storage method

Store in sealed container at 2-8°C.

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