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Distocid tablets (Treatment of flukes)

Distocid tablets (Treatment of flukes)

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1) Efficacy, effect

Treatment of liver fluke, lung fluke, and schistosome infections

2) Usage, dosage

1. Usage

1) Because the taste of the composition is slightly bitter, it is best to take the tablet quickly with water without chewing it. Especially when splitting the tablet to adjust the dosage, it is best to take it after a meal. When taking the drug multiple times a day, the interval between doses should not be less than 4 hours or more than 6 hours.
2) It is oval-shaped with three dividing lines so that the dose can be accurately adjusted according to the patient's weight. Each of the four pieces by dividing lines contains 150 milligrams of active substance. If you need 1/4 of a tablet, you can easily use it by pressing the dividing line from the end of the tablet with the fingernail of your thumb and cutting it. (However, limited to 600mg formulation)
2. Capacity Capacity
The dosage should be determined for each case according to the doctor's instructions, and depending on the type of parasite to be treated, 20-40 mg per kg of body weight should be administered once to three times a day.
1) Liver fluke treatment: Administer 25mg per kg of body weight 3 times a day for 1 day.
2) Treatment of lung flukes: Administer 25 mg per kg of body weight 3 times a day for 2 days.
3) Treatment of African schistosomes: 40 mg per kg of body weight is administered as a single dose or divided into two doses of 20 mg.

The quantity of tablets required in each case (based on 600 mg formulation) can be calculated from the table below.

3) Packaging unit

8 tablets/box (4 tablets/PTP x 2), 100 tablets/bottle

4) Ingredients, content

Praziquantel 600mg

5) Period of use

60 months from date of manufacture

6) Storage method

Store at room temperature in an airtight container

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