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Dr. Lamin Gold Injection (recovery from fatigue)

Dr. Lamin Gold Injection (recovery from fatigue)

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1) Efficacy, effect

Amino acid supplementation in acute or chronic renal failure in the following conditions: hypoproteinemia, low nutritional status, before and after surgery.

2) Usage, dosage

○ In case of chronic renal failure

-In case of peripheral intravenous administration

㆞Dosage: Generally, for adults, slowly inject 200 mL intravenously once a day.

㆞Administration rate: Based on 120 to 180 minutes per 200 mL (approximately 25 to 15 drops per minute). Inject more slowly for children, the elderly, and seriously ill patients.

・In addition, when performing dialysis therapy, inject into the vein side of the dialysis circuit 90 to 60 minutes before the end of dialysis. In terms of the body's efficiency in using amino acids, the caloric intake should be 1500 kcal/day or more.

- When administered through high-calorie fluid therapy: Typically, 400 mL per day is continuously injected into the central vein for adults. Additionally, in terms of the body's efficiency in utilizing amino acids, administer more than 500 kcal of non-protein calories per 1.6 g (this drug: 200 mL) of administered nitrogen.

○In case of acute renal failure

Administered using the above high-calorie infusion therapy.

Increase or decrease appropriately depending on age, symptoms, and weight.

3) Packaging unit


4) Ingredients, content

Glycine Glycine 0.373g/100mL L-Alanine 0.29g/100mL L-Arginine 0.67g/100mL L-Histidine 0.175g/100mL L-Isoleucine 0.65g/100mL L-Leucine L-Leucine 0.818g/100mL L-Lysine Acetate 0.606 g/100mL L-methionine L-phenylalanine 0.04g/100mL L-proline 0.055g/100mL L-serine 0.358g/100mL L-tryptophan 0.14g/100mL L-valine 0.275g/100mL N-acetyl-L-cysteine ​​0.044g /100mL

5) Period of use

18 months from the date of manufacture (polypropylene water-based injection container)

6) Storage method

Sealed container, stored at room temperature (1-30°C)

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